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Lakin Afolabi Law is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced team of assault lawyers serving London, Ontario in all areas of criminal law, with a special emphasis on defending sexual and domestic assault.

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Helping Good People in Bad Situations.

Charged with your first criminal offence? Criminal accusations and convictions can be devastating. When you’re in a crisis, speaking to a lawyer is critical. It can mean the difference between freedom, or jail.

Sexual Offences

Invitation to Sexual Touching, Child Pornography, Sexual Interference, Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation

Domestic Offences

Domestic Assault, Uttering Threats, Mischief, Criminal Harassment, Breach of No-Contact Orders

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“Thanks, Lakin for your incredible service.

“I love the service that I received from Lakin Afolabi (Miracle man), that’s what I call him, he is easy to talk to, and he has your best interest at heart. I was looking at a conditional discharge, but with Lakin’s smooth talking and on point argument the judge gave me an absolute discharge, Lakin made some excellent points that I believe the judge looked into and helped make his final decision.”

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24hr Criminal Lawyers

The London Police lay charges 24/7. We answer the phone 24/7. When the police show up at your door, you might have a lot of questions. Do you have to let them in? Can they search your phone? What can they seize? What should you say? What do you have to tell them?

Sometimes it’s what you don’t say to the police that can result in your freedom.

Legal advice is invaluable when you have these questions. That’s why we prioritize being accessible to you. Our criminal lawyers will do their very best to answer your phone calls and meet with you as soon as possible.

If for some reason you cannot reach us by phone, try our live chat, sending an email, or texting us.

Criminal Defence Resources

Sexual Assault Definition

Sexual Assault Definition What is the the Definition of sexual assault in Canada? What are the Criminal Code provisions for sexual assault? Under section 271 of the Criminal Code of Canada, a person can be charged for committing a sexual assault. This section of the...

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What is a Peace Bond?

Under section 810 of the Criminal Code of Canada, a person (called the complainant) can lay a peace bond against another person (called the defendant). A peace bond is a court order in the form of a signed promise that the defendant will obey certain rules for a...

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Areas of Practice

Sexual Assault

A mere accusation of sexual assault can be devastating. We are skilled and experienced in defending these charges.

Domestic Violence

After a domestic allegation is made to the police, they must lay charges. These charges will be prosecuted even if the victim wants to drop them.

Criminal Defence

Wanted by the police, or considering turning yourself in? We have defended all charges ranging from mischief to murder.


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