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Criminal Lawyer

I am a criminal lawyer.  You are likely reading this because you or a someone dear to you is in legal trouble.  No one really plans on getting charged and needing to hire a criminal lawyer, but the reality is it happens.  Criminal charges can dramatically change your life before you are even found guilty.  Bail conditions can prevent you from going to certain places and talking to certain people, even your own family.  Sometimes you are forced to report to police regularly and surrender your firearms.  Other times you cannot access the internet or drive a vehicle.  Strict bail terms often cost innocent people their relationships and jobs.  A criminal lawyer can make a significant difference.

While nice websites and top ratings may initially attract you to a criminal lawyer, below I highlight some of the more notable qualities of my practice that prove advantageous to my clients.

24hr Criminal Lawyer

The London Police lay charges 24/7.  I answer my phone 24/7.  When the police show up at your door you might have a lot of questions. Sometimes what you don’t say to the police can lead to you going free.  Do you have to let them in?  Can they search your phone?  What can they seize?  What do you have to tell them?  Legal advice is invaluable when you have these questions.  For that reason, I am a criminal lawyer who provides all of my contact information on my website.  I do my best to take my own phone calls and meet with you as soon as I can.  If for some reason you cannot reach me by phone, try using the live chat option on my website or emailing.  You can also text me.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer

From 2009 I have been a member of the bar in good-standing.  Since then I have appeared before every level of Court in Ontario and tirelessly conducted hundreds of hearings on both mundane and obscure legal issues.  I have fearlessly represented people charged with the most serious offences including first degree and attempted murder.  Additionally, I have gained particular skill and knowledge in defending sexual assault and domestic assault cases as they form a bulk of my practice.  I am very familiar with the local judges and prosecutors in London and regularly conduct matters with them.  In addition to London, I have also acted as a criminal lawyer for clients charged throughout Southwestern Ontario including Windsor, Kitchener, and Toronto.

Straightforward Advice

The criminal justice system is very complicated and nuanced.  In some cases, taking a matter to trial is most ideal.  In others it devastatingly foolish.  The Courts take an early guilty plea as a sign of remorse.  This is then a “mitigating factor” for an accused person in sentencing.  Simply put, you are sentenced more leniently for taking responsibility by pleading guilty.  A person before the courts will always have two decisions that they must make independently.  Should they go to trial or plead guilty?  And if they go to trial should they testify?  My job as a criminal lawyer is to give as much advice and direction as possible to help you in making this often difficult decision.

Each person has different reasons for making their decisions.  As a result of this, the course of action that you may choose might not necessarily be what I would do in the situation.  Though I make no guarantees, I do make a point of trying my best to predict the chances of success with each choice and work hard to ensure we obtain it.  I also believe that painful truths are better for all parties than comfortable lies.  I prefer that my clients know exactly what they are getting into instead of being being viciously blind-sided when the Court gives a decision.

Thorough Preparation

This one quote easily and powerfully sums up my approach to trials:

“[…] the truth is that for every great one hour of cross-examination, you have to spend about 50 hours preparing alone in your office, late at night, when no one else is around and you can think it through, take notes.

It’s completely unglamorous and completely nothing more or less than very hard work. You’ve got to read everything, think about everything, figure out how you’re going to approach a case and then get up and make it look like it’s natural, like it just kind of came to you, which, of course, it doesn’t if you care about what you’re doing.”

This quote by a legendary advocate informs my approach to trials.  The fact of the matter is that a well-prepared lawyer can win a case he should lose.  Because of this, I take a fanatical and meticulous approach to trial preparation.  There are no do-overs before a judge and jury.  An innocent person has only one chance to defend himself against a prosecution.  If you take that chance with me, you will not be disappointed.

Criminal Law Information

I keep my website updated with written resources and links.  Please note that my posts are not legal advice and until we sign a retainer I am not your criminal lawyer.  Nevertheless the posts and links that are on my website can assist you with research and forming an idea as to what steps you should take next.  If you are ever in a legal crisis however, it is very important that you contact a criminal lawyer as soon as you can.  I cannot over stress how importance this is.  It can really make a significant difference.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer

Being a criminal lawyer is a tremendous privilege.  I get to help good people in bad situations.  As mentioned, no one plans to ever need to call a criminal lawyer.  If you are however in that situation the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can work together in defending your rights.  Contact me today, I would love to help.



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