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Drunk Driving Investigation

An investigation for drunk driving begins when a police officer has “reasonable grounds” to believe that a person has driven a vehicle in the past three hours with alcohol his/her system.  Simply put, if a police officer thinks a person has driven in the last three hours with alcohol in his/her body, the police officer [...]

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Definition of Consent The most basic definition of consent is permission or agreement from one person to another person to have that other person do something that would otherwise be illegal.  This general definition applies to all situations.  Additionally, the law has special rules regarding sexual activity.  Further, there are even more specific rules for [...]

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Assault - Section 266 of the Criminal Code An assault is any intentional application of force to a person without the consent of that person. Attempting to apply force can also be considered an assault as well as aggressively approaching or impeding someone or begging while openly carrying a weapon or imitation weapon. Penalty The [...]

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What is Domestic Assault? Domestic assault is an assault that takes place between two people involved, or formerly involved, in a domestic relationship. A domestic relationship can be a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, a husband and a wife, same-sex couples, common-law partners, parents, children, and other relatives. While there is a legal [...]

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGES There is no part of the criminal code that creates an offence of domestic violence. However, if you are faced with domestic violence charges, the courts, police and prosecutors take a very strict approach. Because of the nature of the romantic relationship, domestic violence charges are taken extremely seriously. Sometimes people are [...]

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CRIMINAL HARASSMENT CHARGES Criminal harassment charges are one of the most common charges laid in domestic situations. Just like any other charge in a domestic situation, a person charged with criminal harassment will almost certainly be under a no contact order with the victim. In its simplest form, criminal harassment is harassing a victim in [...]

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Mischief (Criminal Code) is one of the most common domestic violence related charges that are laid. Mischief in this type of context usually involves damaging or interfering with the use of another person’s property.  Ordinarily, the courts do not take a very strict approach to mischief, especially when the value of the damaged property is [...]