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Lakin Afolabi

Experienced Criminal Lawyer

Since becoming a lawyer, I have appeared before every level of Court in Ontario and tirelessly conducted hundreds of hearings on both mundane and obscure legal issues. I have fearlessly represented people charged with the most serious offences, including first degree and attempted murder.

I have heard juries say “not guilty” on more charges than I can remember. I have faced off against some of London’s best criminal lawyers and won.

I am able to provide legal advice in both official languages. I am tenacious and prepare for trial as if it is my own life that is at stake.

A Human Element to Criminal Law

Despite my skill and successes, my experience and knowledge, I know there is a great human element to criminal law. Being a criminal lawyer is not just about knowing the law, it is about knowing people. It is also about serving them. That is why my greatest value as a criminal lawyer is that I understand and care about people.

I have particular skill and knowledge in defending sexual assault and domestic violence cases. They form a bulk of my practice. I am very familiar with the local judges and prosecutors in London and regularly conduct matters with them.
In addition to London, Ontario, I have also acted as a criminal lawyer for clients charged throughout Southwestern Ontario including Windsor, Kitchener, and Toronto.

Honours Bachelor of Arts, 2004
Doctor of Jurisprudence, 2006

Bar Admission
Ontario Bar
New York State Bar

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Ryan Fritze

Criminal Lawyer

I am a criminal lawyer. I know that few things are as hard as being arrested, handcuffed and charged. I’ve seen the devastating effect that criminal charges can have on your life. Police and prosecutors are relentless in pursuing their mandates. So am I. That mandate is to do everything I can to defend you.

I had the privilege of articling for an extremely skilled lawyer who took on numerous high profile cases. I’ve honed the skills to defend against vigorous prosecutions. I’ve learned to fearlessly advocate for clients and it is that same approach that I use to serve you.

I take those experiences with me. I recognize that there are very few experiences that are more terrifying or overwhelming than having the state working against you. A person who faces the possibility of jail needs a lawyer that can advocate for them. I am that criminal lawyer.

Honours Bachelor of Arts, 2012
Doctor of Jurisprudence, 2017

Bar Admission
Law Society of Ontario

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I am a law school graduate and will be a member of the bar in June 2019. Currently, I am an articling student training to be a lawyer under the direct supervision of Mr. Afolabi. In law school, I developed an interest in criminal law, and I have never looked back.

I assist clients on a wide range of matters, such as adjournment appearances, research and disclosure review. Further, I have had the opportunity to sit in on trials, preliminary hearings, and participate from a research perspective leading up to trial.

I am passionate about the law and understand that hiring the right team is one of the most important decisions you can make. As part of the team, I am dedicated to protecting the rights of those who have been accused of a criminal offence and guiding you through the complicated Court process.

Honours Specialization Bachelor of Commerce, 2014
Juris Doctor, 2017

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